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Scree - October 12, 2010

greenway tunnel

Ms Cheap asked some of the area experts for fall trail hiking destinations. There are a couple we have not done. check them out.


So how bad is McDonald's food? I know that it is HIGH in fat but really how bad is it? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)'s "Consequences" ad makes it clear that they feel the food is pretty bad for you. Ray, are you listening?

(A YouTube of the ad is in the middle of the linked page - Huffington Post)

Knoxville has 41 miles of greenways. For over twenty years the Knox Greenways Coalition has been working on greenways. Their success is seen in the miles.

Greenways are great for exercise, fun, and transportation. The Coalition is planning still more miles including a greenway to Townsend, TN - a gateway to the Smokies.

It gives me goose bumps just thinking about the ride to Townsend. Greenways encourage healthy living. They are like adult playgrounds. You can ride, run, walk, or wheel (skate - well in some locations) without the worries of traffic or safety.

(Knox News)

In Rogersville, TN (near Kingport) one pedestrian was killed and another injured by a on-duty Deputy.

Okay, it was dark and the road was windy, but vehicles can not be allowed to hit pedestrians. Unless the pedestrians stepped out into the vehicles path, then it was not just an accident.

In the Rules of the Road which govern the navigable waterways of the USA, there is essentially no speed limit. However, at all times a vessel is responsible for their speed and must always be able to slow to the speed of the current or stop to prevent an accident.

The deputy may have been creeping down the road; but I doubt it. All drivers need to slow down. Be looking for pedestrians and bicycles. If you have a limited line of sight, slow down even more, and be prepared to stop. Sorry for the inconvenience: but the times they are a changing.

(Knox News)

In Michigan, a bow deer hunter was attacked by a bear and her three cubs while he was fifteen feet off the ground in his tree stand. The hunter disputed the claims of the wildlife agency saying the bears were all adults traveling in a pack and essentially hunted him down and attacked him. Lucky for the hunter he was able to fend the mob of bears off; but he did receive some serious cuts.

This was just an odd story with what seems to me like a few pieces missing. Maybe my hunter friends can give me some insight.

(Detroit Free Press)