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Scree - October 9, 2010

Amy climbing at Lumpy Ridge

We returned to the Farmer's Market today. There is a booth that sells milk that had a waiting line all morning. Amy purchased a half of gallon. It came recommended by Cynthia. We'll let you know.

There was an article "The Best Places to Rock Climb In The U.S." in a Diets in Review blog. The article was good until he started to actually talk about "The Best Places to Rock Climb"; that is when things got a little crazy. Only one of the areas is a legitimate rock climbing area. The other areas are definitely not meccas of rock climbing world.

The questionable areas listed are:

Grand Canyon - I have never really heard of any significant climbs in the area.

Ellingwood Arete - while a good mountaineering route it hardly qualifies as one of the best "place" in the US.

Disappointment Cleaver/Ingraham Glacier Route, Washington - there is rock on the Cleaver but it is in no way a rock climb or a rock climbing area. This is Mount Rainier.

Mount McKinley, Alaska - sorry once again, not a rock climbing area.

Breakneck Ridge, PA - I have never heard of the area; but did a Mountain Project search and found a small area outside of Pittsburgh that has 17 climbs listed - it might be a nice area; but it is hardly a top climbing area.

Areas missing are endless but what about Cathedral Ledge and Cannon Cliff in NH, the Gunks in NY, Seneca Rocks and New River in WV, Linville Gorge and Locking Glass in NC, Red River Gorge in KY, Boulder Area in CO, Little Cottonwood Canyon and Moab in UT, Hueco Tanks, TX, Devil's Tower and the Tetons in WY, Joshua Tree and Tuolumne Meadows (he actually listed a good area in the Valley) in CA, and Smith Rock in OR.

When I start hiking I start sweating. As I hike more, I sweat more. Soon I am dripping wet; but I am cool. I function well in hot climates and as long as I have a bit of water - I stay relatively cool.

My wife does not sweat. As she hikes or works out, her face casts off a glowing red and becomes even brighter. She gets hot; but hardly sweats.

So what gives? Live Science to the rescue.

"It appears that women are at a disadvantage when they need to sweat a lot during exercise, especially in hot conditions," said Yoshimitsu Inoue, the study's coordinator and a researcher at Osaka International University in Japan.

Wow, I always thought I sweated more because I drank more.

New York City wants to ban food stamps for sugary drinks. Some items currently banned are cigarettes, beer, and pet food. At least the City is sending the message that the drinks are bad for your health.

From the news conference,

"Mayor Bloomberg said obesity is a simple issue. It's not like cancer, where we don't know the cure."


Google has taken the "street view" of Google Maps to the ends of the earth. Now, they have been to Antarctica to give street views of where the penguins live. They've been googled!

(Yahoo News - AFP)