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Scree - October 7, 2010

in the desert

My ribs are feeling better from my fall, last friday. Yesterday was my first run since the injury. Going by a lower school I saw a non-teacher worker sitting on the curb behind a tree taking his lunch break. He had two 20oz bottles of soft drinks, a package of peanut butter crackers, and a candy bar. As he sat enjoying his glucose overload as he filled his lungs with the cigarette he was smoking. At least he was out of sight of the children.

It is great to be running again.

Speaking of health, our friend, Laura, is busy working on a special program with the Tennessee State Parks. The program is exciting for the youth of the state. Stay tuned.

So, our friend Mark is not the only one with the Delhi Belly at the Commonwealth Games. It seems as if the swimming pool might have tainted water. Fifty or so swimmers complained about the waters.

I was wondering if you could become acclimated to the water. Not everyone in India is sick, probably because their bodies immune systems can fight the germs. Maybe Mark, the swimmers, and other athletes should have started taking small doses of germs at home and build their immune system. You know, eating dirt or drinking a mud milk shake.

Still sounds crazy over there.

(Yahoo News - AFP)

A bear attacked a man near Seattle while taking his dogs outside. It is amazing the man lived. The bear was only a 150 pound black bear. I always thought you would just be able to scare those guys off. Maybe I need to re-think my bear strategies.

Seattle Times

Last week a man was found in the deserts of Joshua Tree National Park. He had gone out hiking alone, lost his way, and survived 6 days in the desert.

The man was an experienced hiker and said he did not know how or why he got lost. I guess if he knew those answers he would not have gotten lost. Regardless, it is a good story.

(LA Times)