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Scree - October 5, 2010

bat box

Laura brought a bat over to the house. She had found it on a downtown sidewalk. We took him to the backyard and tried to encourage him to go to our bat box hanging on the garage. She opened the box and he just flew away. Hopefully he will find a home in our neighborhood, we have plenty of mosquitoes for him to eat.

In Memphis a man shot a teenager in the rear because he would not pull up his pants. Now, see, there is another reason to allow Tennesseans to carry guns. I better start wearing a belt.

(Knox News)

In Billings, Montana (yes, I read the Gazette regularly), a woman was arrested for disorderly conduct. She was standing on a street corner (and driving a car) clad only in bikini bottoms. She had paint on her upper body. She was arrested after the police officer said she -

'“could not provide a legitimate reason” as to why she was naked.'

So what legitimate reasons could there be? All that I can think of would still probably get you arrested. I guess the police officers know those kinds of things.

Mark, our insider reporter to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India says no one is attending the events. The stadiums are empty.

"Tennis is an outdoor venue and it is bloody hot but security is not letting anyone bring in water. Spectators are saying they just can't sit in the sun without water so no one is there. The police response is that they can now bring in water but they can't have it in a bottle. I guess you can bring in as much (water) as you can hold in your hands."

He also reports that he is over his first bout with Delhi Belly. Thankfully he spared us of the details; but I can only imagine how bad that would be.

The benches at the bus stops for the Nashville public transportation buses feature advertisements. I have noticed a few Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer ads on the backs of the benches. I am not sure if they are trying to appeal to the drivers, bus drivers, or bus passengers with their ads.