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Scree - October 3, 2010

Patagonia Nano Puff

My friend Jon called and left a message last night. He was donning his Patagonia Nano Puff - Fall has finally arrived in Mid-Tennessee. I waited until this morning before I dug mine out. Is their a single better piece of outerwear?

Yesterday, Amy and I went down to the Farmers Market and the Bi-Centennial Mall State Park. Fresh veggies are in the pantry.

We also had some work to do for cloudhiking on the Cumberland River Downtown section of the Greenway. We hope to have those page up soon.

The French like to look good; but they do not want to put forth much physical effort to reach fitness goals. Gyms have tried hard to sway clients to join the workout culture; but have met stiff resistance.

"Working out also has an image problem in France, where few celebrities seem keen to publicly endorse the mucky business of sweating and straining on a cardio machine."

Of course gyms are popular in TN. We sweat all of the time in the unbearable humidity. Working out in a gym is pleasant (even if you are sweating) when compared to doing anything outside.

(Yahoo News - Reuters)

The rain gear for the Ryder Cup players is not doing a very good job keeping the water at bay. The American team bought replacement rain gear from a souvenir vendor at the event.

There are not many things worse than being cold and wet. I did think it was odd that every jacket leaked, but of course it was raining really hard. I am glad I was not wearing the gear on a mountain or trail; but I am sure that the players were miserable.

Maybe, the rain gear company could get Jim Cantore to test their gear. They would definitely know if it leaked or not.

(Yahoo News - AP)

So, what is the best way to survive an elevator fall? I have asked myself that several times and without arriving at a definitive answer I have been forced to walk the stairs whenever possible.

NPR to the rescue... in particular Krulwich. It seems that jumping before the elevator car lands does not help. Squatting and allowing your legs to work as shock absorbers does not work either. (Those methods would have been my top two choices.) Instead, lying flat on your back on the floor of the elevator car is your best chance of survival.

Hmm. I think I the best survival method is to use the stairs.