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Scree - September 26, 2010


Diane, my mother-in-law, got a phone call on her mobile phone. She missed the call and was checking to see whose number it was. She called out the number and was talking about who it could be. It was her home number! Her brother had come to visit and called her from her home.

TVA's new blueprint calls on using less coal and nuclear, gas and "more renewable generation to make up for any shortfall in power generation." The plan closes three of the older coal plants. If the EPA regulations go into effect, the coal plants would have to be shut down by 2015. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

So that pretty much says these coal plants are unhealthy and need to be shut down now. I think TVA is actually moving in that direction.

A report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts that by 2020 - 75% of Americans will be overweight and by 2030 - 85% will be overweight. (Yahoo News - AP)

The writers at Pixar captured our future correctly in the movie
"Wall-e". Let's get outside and do something active, regularly.

"A New Zealand school that staged a possum-throwing contest came under fire from animal protection groups Wednesday for encouraging students in the "morally wrong" practice."

I don't know if there is a law against possum throwing in the US or not. But swinging a possum around and throwing it seems dangerous to me. They do have sharp teeth and claws.

Reading further the Animal Protection group did not want the students to think it was okay to throw a possum - they might start throwing other pets.

Auger, the Manager of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, said, "while it's technically not illegal, it's morally wrong to throw a dead animal around."

Oh, the animals are dead, why would anyone want to throw a dead animal anywhere? Only in the land down under...

(Yahoo News - AFP)

The Food Network claims a restaurant in Nashville makes the Best Biscuits. The Loveless Cafe makes the best homemade biscuits. I think we (with the Food Networks help) are trying to reach that 75% overweight goal quicker than expected.