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Scree - September 23, 2010

On top of Quandry - Colorado

Amy is still in North Carolina for the week. Tuesday was Jean's birthday - cake and ice cream, yum. Yesterday, Wednesday, was Rose's birthday. She will celebrate with us over the weekend. I am sure she found some way to celebrate in Knoxville last night! Happy Birthday to Jean and Rose.

In Tennessee a pack of cigarettes cost to society is $20 dollars a pack! Yeah, I know you can get a pack for under $4; but that is just what it costs to indulge. When you add in loss of work, doctor fees, hospital fees, pharmaceuticals, etc - then the cost is $20 a pack. It seems like to me the insurance companies and government could pay folks $10 a pack not to smoke and still come out to the good. By the way one out of five Tennessean's smoke. They smoke and average of 325 packs per year. The page from Knox News has a lot of good info and links.

So when they had the big fire outside of Boulder, a cat was found and taken to the shelter. They named him "Sizzle". Well they found Sizzle's owner. Sizzle turned out to be "Morgan"; but the whole story sounded funny. Sizzle's guardian lives in Denver and has never lived in Boulder. She did not know how Sizzle made it to the Boulder Foothills.

Backpacker teased us last week with "The Top 10 Beginner Hiker Blunders"; but they only listed five. Now for the complete list... You can actually add to the list. That could be interesting. A couple they did not mention are: thinking you can hike further than you can in a day, underestimating the stinging, biting, swarming insects especially in the Wind Rivers, and thinking you can keep up with a mountain man.

In Maryland a woman was killed on her bicycle by a SUV going the same direction as the bicycle. The driver "assumed she'd hit an animal but when she arrived home found a bicycle lodged under her vehicle." Come on. How can you run over a bicycle and not know it? The bicycle pinned underneath the car would also make a lot of noise. I just don't get it. (Baltimore Sun)