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Scree - September 19, 2010

Foster Falls in the Winter at the end of Fiery Gizzard

Why aren't sports agents regulated? How can a sports agent contact a college kid, lure them with fame and money, and then wash their hands and walk away blamelessly when the kids are caught. The agents should be licensed or the students and their schools should sue the agents!

A judge in Calgary suggested mountain biking or rock climbing to feed a young offender's quest for excitement. The young man had led law enforcement officials on a stolen vehicle, high speed chase. (Calgary Sun)

The Tennessean reported this week that the land surrounding the Fiery Gizzard Trail (Cumberland Plateau near ) will be protected. The total deal by public and private funds will add 6200 acres of land. The paper said the trail was 17 miles long.

"Bongo Jesus" a street musican, hit an unsoliticed critic over the head with his guitar. I guess the critic didn't like the music and Bongo Jesus didn't like the critic! (My Way News - AP)

Ok, guitar hitting is bad; but a woman in Washington stabbed a man for teasing her about her smelly feet. (My Way News - AP) My advice is for her to put down the knife and buy Tectron Deodorizer to cure smelly feet. The amazing stuff (REI) really works.