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Scree - September 16, 2010

6th graders learning to pack

It is still hot in Nashville. I don't remember it being this hot this late in the summer. I don't know about global warming, but I am sure that we have some Nashville Warming going on.

An Aspenite, home of many city bears, goes to Glacier National Park. It is a good, short, story. (Aspen Times)

Backpacker had a good article (or actually half of one) on the top ten mistakes newbie hikers make. The article is continued next week... I wonder if I am still making mistakes? You never know.

West Virginia coal miners are complaining because the new EPA regulations are going to put them out of work. (Fox News - report sides with the miners.) What I am not seeing, perhaps it is happening just unseen, is the mining companies accepting more environmentally friendly ways to mine the coal. If they want to mine coal, they have to change the way their methods and stop polluting.

The city of Bell, California, Manager paid himself $787,000 last year! Bell is a small city south of LA with meager average incomes. The Manager also paid the Chief of Police $457,000 and the city Manager's Assistant $336,000. Hmm, the California Attorney General was filing charges against them. (Yahoo - AFP)