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Scree - September 14, 2010


Ray and Shane on Longs

One of the three US hiker, Sarah Shroud, is finally been released from prison in Iran. Her two hiking companions are still being held.

"Residents of the central Mozambican province of Sofala believe angry ancestral spirits are causing trains to crash into animals after collisions that killed a hippopotamus and 35 head of cattle." (Yahoo News story) Later in the story:

"Their concerns emerged after a train ran over a hippopotamus last week while doing maintenance work on the line close to the Zambezi River."

I warned them not to let the hippos do maintenance work, but they didn't listen to me! (Just kidding.)

Want to live longer? Get a grip! "Scientists at the Medical Research Council found that elderly people who could still give a firm handshake and walk at a brisk pace were likely to outlive their slower peers." Yet, another article on the advantages of walking. On Mondays, for the next five weeks, we are doing a series on hiking skills. Join us at Metro to Mountain Journal. Mileage was the first part.

Only in Tennessee... since the legislators voted to allow guns to be carried into restaurants in the State, a group of restaurants started a gun-free restaurant web site. Now eaters can go to the web site and find which restaurants allow guns and which do not. Maybe more appropriately they can decide whether they need to bring a gun to the diner, for protection you know.