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Scree - September 12, 2010


heat of the desert

Friday, the journal entry was Accidents 2010 - excerpts from Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2010. Still, another interesting report:

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The guys were backpacking with a SPOT. The 911 was activated three times and the NPS eventually flew them out and gave them a citation.

This is an old story which we covered in the Journal last fall. I just included it because it is still unbelievable to me!

So this seven year old boy in southern Illinois decided in the middle of the night to ride his scooter to a friends house seven miles away. The police found him and took him home. Okay, this guy is probably going to be a dirt bag climber some day. He'll drive 24 hours just to climb for a few hours and then return home. Who needs sleep, especially when you have Spiderman pajamas.

A while back, Laura gave me the links to the Tennessee Department of Transportation - Bicycle and Pedestrian Program. Take the survey. Help support drivers education of bicycles. The site also includes other useful information.

From an ABC News Health article, "Chest compressions are just as good as defibrillators for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, researchers say." Take a CPR class, be a thumper.

In Vermont, Log Cabin is selling an "all natural syrup" which is not "all natural", in fact it has very little maple syrup in it. Truth in advertising, now there's a sticky subject.