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Scree - September 11, 2010

Hidden Lake Ice

Hidden Lake Ice, ice climbing just had me thinking cool thoughts!

Friday, the journal entry was Accidents 2010 - excerpts from Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2010. Another interesting report:

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

A solo ice climber was climbing the Great White Icicle. Near the top he was waiting for another party to continue when his boot kicked through the ice. Soon the whole icicle fell - him along with it. The climber fell 300 feet and suffered severe hip pain and lost consciousness for a short while.

I can't believe how lucky he was.

This week in the news I saw a couple of reports on anew study to find out what kind of male dancing attracts females. (My Way News) What I would like to know is who funded the study? And why? Ray, I don't think ballroom dancing makes it.

The Smokies lost out to Bear Head State Park in Minnesota in a Coca-Cola sponsored internet popularity contest. The Rangers in the Smokies should have let the bears vote. Tennessean Article

In Casper, WY a man was accused of burglary for allegedly taking a Play Station, 4 games, and six cans of Copenhagen snuff. He pawned some some of the items. Billings Gazette Article It seems that most burglaries go unsolved; but most burglaries don't involve such precious treasures as six cans of "Copenhagen."

32nd Annual Mountaineer Folk Festival is this weekend at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Good music and fun.