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Scree - September 9, 2010

arches national park

Lately, there have been a few posts about guns on scree. Well, we do live in Tennessee. Amy and I really do not have a position on guns, we are not for or against them. However, we do not think folks ought to be shooting each other. After all, I am a vegetarian.

So on the gun theme the Tennessee Wildlife Federation is backing a bill to make it a constitutional right to be able to hunt and fish. The Tennessean had a good article on the subject.

And then, the Summit County Voice (Colorado) had an article on hunting. "A hunting license comes with a responsibility to hunt ethically and responsibly." The article lists ten questions for the hunter to ask themselves and remember the answers.

From World Watch Institute: 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet each day. Americans use 3.2 million tons (6,400,000,000 lbs) of toilet tissue yearly.

From the National Park Service, Morning Report, Sept 9, 2010

Capitol Reef National Park (UT)

Canyoneer Rescued From Pandora’s Box

" On Monday, September 6th, rangers rescued a canyoneer who was unable to complete his planned route due to an inability to make it through a narrow slot in a rock formation. The man and his partner, both from Salt Lake City, had descended into Pandora’s Box Canyon the previous day. Pandora’s Box is considered to be one of the more difficult canyons to negotiate on the Colorado Plateau because of the extremely narrow slots throughout the canyon. After completing numerous rappels and negotiating several slots, the man, who was quite fit but weighed around 230 pounds, found that he couldn’t pass through a particularly tight section. In an attempt to exit the canyon, the two men scrambled out a lateral canyon, only to find that they couldn’t go any further. They decided that the more slender man would continue on and complete the canyon while the larger man stayed behind and awaited assistance. The former completed the slots, descended the 150-foot exit rappel, hiked nine miles to his bike, pedaled four miles to his car, then contacted rangers early on Monday morning. The rangers requested assistance from the Utah State Patrol, which dispatched a helicopter that landed near the stranded man. Members of the county SAR team helped him reach the ship. Neither of the canyoneers was injured. [Submitted by Scott Brown, Chief Ranger] "

Poor guy couldn't make it through the slot, because he was just too large. Of course with the Aaron Ralston film coming soon, maybe there is a heightened sense of not getting stuck.

He made a good, but humbling, decision!