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Scree - September 4, 2010


Today is Laura's birth date, Happy Brithday.

We celebrated her birthday last night at Cafe Nona. It was a festive occassion. I just had a salad; but it was great.

Rose came home yesterday from school. All seemed to be going well. She wants to teach Jake to dance. I don't know about that....

I finally decided to look up how to use "cock a snook" in a sentence. This is quoted from the Apple Dictionary Application, the New Oxford American Dictionary:

noun (in phrase cock a snook) informal chiefly Brit.
• place one's hand so that the thumb touches one's nose and the fingers are spread out, in order to express contempt : you wouldn't be so quick to cock a snook if she were actually looking at you.
• figurative openly show contempt or a lack of respect for someone or something; thumb one's nose : he spent a lifetime cocking a snook at the art world.
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

So there! (I believe I just cocked a snook at you.)

Tennessee Occupational Health Safety told a bar worker that having guns in the bar does not qualify as unsafe working conditions. I guess the patrons need guns to shoot at the sandhill cranes!

Time had an article, linked in Yahoo News, on "How Weather Reporters Stay Safe While Covering Hurricanes". Jim Cantore was not even mentioned in the piece. How can that be? Does he cock a snook at the safety rules that apply to the other reporters?

We hope all enjoy the Labor Day Weekend. Get outdoors.