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Scree - August 20 - August 26, 2010

sanLuis Scree


REI's blog had an interesting story of a Grand Teton National Park Volunteer. I can't wait to stop by his cabin and try out his root beer floats! The REI link. Another link to the Jackson News and Guide.

I am working hard on a new map for Mount Kephart in the Smokies. To climb Kephart we followed the Alum Cave Trail to Le Conte and then took the Boulevard to Kephart. The map should be done by Monday.

It is supposed to get hot again. I am pretty tired of this Nashville heat.


I was running on the Richland Creek Greenway adjacent to railroad tracks. A rumble and whistle told me a train was coming. It was so loud and moving so fast that it shook the path.

A Knoxville area teen was killed by a train while he had earbuds in his ears. Folks we have to use our senses.

I found a June 2010 article in the Colorado Springs Gazette outdoor blog. It talks about the danger of the Maroon Bells...

Denver postal worker Mark Layden agreed.

Layden was trapped near the top of North Maroon Peak for two nights last month after he decided to climb the mountain on a whim - with little water or food and wearing fishing waders, bicycle shorts and lightweight shoes.

"I feel very fortunate and happy to be alive," Layden said after he finally found his way down and was met by a rescue team. "I should not have been up there in the first place."

But the novices keep coming, and there is no easy route to the summits.


An 82 year old man climbs Kilimanjaro. That is amazing.

Also the NYT had an article about technology and the great outdoors. A good article concerning our responsibilities and then the crazy video about the buffalo. Thanks, Laura.

The weather is truly better. Now, if we can just figure out what to do with all the mosquitoes! Please purple martins don't leave! We have plenty of mosquitoes for you to eat.


Purple martins have invaded Nashville. They have stopped in town for a few days as they travel toward Brazil. With all the mosquitoes we have in our yard, I am surprised that they have not taken up residence in our back yard.

There is a nine day old 150 kilometer traffic jam in China. I thought traffic was bad in Nashville.

The weather is finally a little less humid. I ran for a couple of extra miles.


There was an article in the Knoxville paper about a man attacking another man with a chain saw.

Another article in the Nashville paper was about a man riding an atv. He was killed trying to out run a train.

Jon and I ran in the afternoon. We were sweating so much that the weatherman wanted to issue a flood warning for the Hillsboro Village area.


So I have been complaining about the heat and humidity for three weeks. How long can I keep it up. Last winter I wore the same jacket for 100 days!

I spent most of the day working on cloudhiking. I am trying to fix the Gear pages. Stay tuned.


Over twenty percent of Americans think that President Obama is a Muslim. I am sorry, but I just do not understand.

My wife is a Catholic. All of her family is Catholic. I am not a Catholic. I have been around Catholics but the Church does not claim me just from my association.

I think Nashville set a hot streak. Too many days of over ninety.