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Scree - August 06 - August 12, 2010

scree field


Hot again; but a big storm rolled through in the afternoon.

I turned the computer off and sat out on the porch during the storm. Hail was coming onto the porch where I was sitting, eight feet from the roof line.


As I was running I passed a bank. A big, loud, souped up truck left the parking area with wheels squalling. I guessed he would be returning soon to get more money to pay for the gas he was wasting.

I started on another map for Fall Creek Falls. I hopefully will be done soon.

We had dinner with Amy's mom and the relatives that were still in town. It was a good time.

At Diane's condo the results of the flood (may) is still very evident. The residents have to deal with the aftermath daily.


It is hot again. If the forecast hold true, it will only be in the upper 90s for a few more days.

After running I took Jake, the dog, for a walk so he could stretch his legs and I could dry off some.

On our walk I noticed some neighbors up the street trying to move some furniture. A woman held Jake as I helped move a dresser. I was still sweating freely. When I returned to the street they were trying to give Jake water. They had a poodle who was barking madly. Jake wanted nothing to do with either the water or poodle.

After I was a block or so away I figured they thought I was out running with Jake. That was why they were trying to get him to drink! I almost turned around and returned to tell them he had not been running.

i did not know these neighbors; but I do not run our dog in the heat.


Amy started back to school. Summer is over.

Summer might be over; but it is still very hot.

I am into my noon day runs. I see the same people almost every day. They greet me from afar. I am sweating profusely.

I finished the Burgess Fall map. I love working on maps.


It is hot again.

After working in the morning I rode to Richland Creek Greenway to check on the after flood repairs.

The Parks department had been working on the path. The section near Dutchman's Curve was either re-paved or had set the frames for paving. The elevated walkway span was still out.

The north side of the path was just dirt, they maybe had removed the old asphalt but that was all.

At the north side of the park (near Wyoming Ave) the path was just dirt, they maybe had removed the old asphalt but that was all.

The really good news was the path extension along Nebraska Ave, was nearing completion. The path looks great.

Even in the heat there were a number of people using the path. One woman was running with her dog. I almost said something to her, but I was almost dumbfounded. Folks, it is too hot to run a dog.

Amy and Rose came home in the afternoon. We unpacked and finally took the Yakima rack and box off of the Element. Our summer is officially over.


The big event for the day was I helped Jon move his water tower. He waited until the afternoon so that we would have the sun on us to help make us tougher.

Jon had made a water tower (a rain barrel collection tower) to go in the front yard. It is quite the structure.

Our first objective was to dig the holes. It is hard to believe but we did not even hit the bedrock. It was easy work with post hole diggers.

We then moved the tower by laying it down and rolling it on it's side. It was fun and fairly easy to roll it over old pvc pipes. Walk like an Egyptian!

With Laura's help we got it set up and with some last minute fine tuning set it in the holes.

Their neighbor, Carolyn, saw the tower and exclaimed, "Jon are you adding an addition to your house? Or is it just a playhouse?!"

Good natured Jon agreed that he could probably sleep in it.

He almost had the opportunity to try out the tower sleeping, he (or we) cut the cable TV & Internet cable while digging on the last hole. Jon called Bo (Laura's step-father - I could have botched the spelling) and found out supplies and advice to splice the line.

Jon and Laura treated me to Mellow Mushroom for dinner as we sat around looking at pictures from the summer.

It was a good day.


Wow, it is the best weather day in a while. The high is in the low 90's with lower humidity.

Had a great run. I am getting readjusted to the Nashville drivers.

Jake just sits by the door looking for his mom who is in Missouri.

It would have been fun to go to the reunion; but I could not have gone when they had to go, and it did not make sense to ride over in separate vehicles.

Amy acts like she is having a good time. I am jealous.