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Scree - August 13 - August 19, 2010

sanLuis Scree


It rained hard yesterday and through the night. City officals were predicting a flood, again. The even had Hands on Nashville volunteers doing sand bag operations.

I knew that it rained east of us, up on the plateau; but we did not get much rain. Our sump pump did not even start.

It didn't flood; but lots of folks were scared. It's good to be cautious, ask our dog, Jake.

Speaking of Jake, when Amy comes home, Jake greets her. He wags and shakes his whole body in excitement. He howls like a walrus as he dances to show off. He is trying to convince her that it is time to play. It usually works.

It was cooler today, but still very humid.


I took a knife running with me today. I thought I could cut through the humidity. After a few blocks the knife was so dull I sheathed it and swam back home.

The Fall Creek Falls Day Hikes Map is almost complete. It is probably the most complicated map I have drawn in a while. It is sometimes difficult to display all the information clearly. The map should be up by Friday.

We are working to become Merchant Affliates with several stores. It is a way for us to make some money by promoting their products. More on the programs soon.


While running along in front on Vanderbilt Hospital I noticed a worker dressed in scrubs sitting beneath a shady tree. She had a chart or note pad. I overheard her talking on a mobile phone saying: "yes, you should definitely not be smoking..." The odd thing was the worker was smoking while she talked on the phone!

Oh, I don't run fast, and even slow down to snoop on certain occasions. Running can be entertaining at times.

Back at the house, I had to call Comcast, the cable company. We had decided to quit cable tv. Well, the call was an adventure. The representative told me that if we quit the tv service, the overall bill for our service (which would just be internet) would increase by one dollar. Our bill for internet and television is 56.88. If we did not receive the cable tv, the bill would be 57.95. That just doesn't make sense.

The logic the representative gave was, "we are a business, we are trying to make money."

I had a good long run at lunch; but it is still hot and humid.


Rose made it safe to Knoxville and all is well.

Lots of odds and ends still remain from our move; but we are closer to being done.

I blogged about Pikes Peak, the blog brought back many good memories.

While running I pass vehicles who are parked and running their engines to keep the car cool. They are doing things like eating lunch in the comfort of their air conditioned vehicles. That is sooo wrong.

It is still hot, we wish we were there.


We got started early with the move. We had to finish the move today!

Rose was also leaving for school today.

There was lots of moving going on.

Rose went to Calypso and brought back lunch. It was soooo good.

At the end of the day we were done.

I am so tired of sweating. Will this summer never end?

We wish we were there.


We decided to move furniture around today.

We were exchanging three rooms, It was lots of fun. I sweated and sweated some more.

Jon came over and helped us bend a queen size set of springs down the stairs. We didn't break it, but it was close!

We worked all day; but did not get far enough along to really see if we our ideas were going to work or not.

It was a long hot day.

We wish we was there.


After my journal entry of the day, I went for a hot run. All the runs these days are hot, some are just hotter than others.

At three I road downtown to a Memorial Service for Captain Bill.

It was hot. It took almost an hour before I was really cooled off after the ride and I was not even riding hard.

The service was light. I think it was the kind of service Bill would have wanted.

I saw lots of old friends on the boat. It was a good experience.