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Scree - July 23 - July 29, 2010

scree field


We woke and slowly began packing. We were going to meet at Dornan's for breakfast at 9.

Naturally, there was the normal morning hustle and bustle trying to find a site in the tent-only campground.

One family stopped and asked if we were leaving. We said yes, but we were not going to leave the site until 9. They rushed to fill out the required paper work and left Joe, their son, to help hold the site.

The campground host came by and asked if we were leaving. I said yes and Joe said he was taking the site. The host said that was not the way to do it and went on to try to explain to me, not Joe, the proper procedures. I interrupted her, just to remind her that I was leaving and really did not care about the procedures. The site would be clear by 11.

Everyone, including Ray, was at Dornan's for breakfast. Actually everyone was also packed and ready to go.

For less than $10, we had pancakes (all you can eat), juice, and coffee. What a deal and an even better view. The Tetons are in your face.

We decided to go south to Pinedale and avoid the construction at Togwotee Pass. There was still plenty of construction. Jon and Laura were loosely traveling with us. We were planning on meeting at a campground. Jon loved their environmental impact procedures the WY DOT were using.

Pinedale was a mess. The town has sprawled everywhere. It was not a pretty site.

We decided to camp at the Rocky Mountain National Park Campground near Grand Lake. The trees at the campground had been hit hard by the pine beetle. It seemed as if they reconstructed the whole campground. It was barren, much like the campground in Dillon, but the NPS was trying to restore the area.

We had dinner at the Sage and Barbecue in Grand Lake. They had great food; but terrible service.

Wish you were here.


Ray, Jon, and I woke at 3 to climb Teewinot.

We actually left the trailhead a little after 4. It was still dark. I hate walking in the dark.

I haven't really looked closely at my gps; but it did not agree with the official mileages of the trail.

The trail to the Apex (the first 1.7 miles) was not in very good shape. It was not a good trail.

The skies were not perfect, but they were never threatening as we summited around eleven.

There was a lot of snow on the route.

I needed a big day, it was a lot of fun. Oh, Amy did not join me. That was the first time in a while we have been apart in the mountains. It seemed weird. She did a hike around lakes Bradley and Taggard, which did sound fun.

On the trail back to the trailhead we met a woman, Clara, who was parked next to us. She stayed and talked to us for a good while in the parking area. It was a joy to listen to her story.

We had a feast for dinner at the campground. Lots of stories and good food.

Wish you were here.


After waking early and updating the sites, we went for a bike ride along the new Grand Teton Multi-Use Trail.

The bikes we rented from Dornans were odd. They were the new upright models. I did not like the geometry at all. I know that I have not ridden a bike in a few weeks, but my rear actually got sore from the three hour ride.

We rode from Moose Junction to Jenny Lake, then from Jenny Lake to the String Lake Trailhead.

Amy loved the Jenny Lake Lodge.

There were many people riding the path, no wonder, it is a good trail.

Wish you were here.


We hiked to Amphitheater Lake.

It was a very fast 5 mile, 3000 foot gain, hike. I sweated a lot.

The lakes (and Surprise) are worth the stroll.

Many people stopped and asked how much further it was while I was coming down. There are a lot of switchbacks. I mean a lot.

The trail was well traveled.

We went to the Visitors Center and overheard a woman claiming there was nothing to do on the Tetons.

We are riding bikes tomorrow. I can't wait.

Wish you were here.


We went to town for breakfast and internet. We did not succeed. Everything was very busy. We could not even find a Starbucks! What is the deal with that?

The rest of the group went to Yellowstone. We needed to do work instead.

We are trying to make plans for the rest of our stay. Lots of options are available. There still is a lot of snow on the mountains.

Not much excitement, but we needed a slower day.

Wish you were here.


We met Ray at 0700 to hike around Jenny Lake. We were heading into Hanging Canyon.

There was a young moose (still really big) on the trail in front of us.

Then, oddly enough, there were two young mule deer behind us.

Our young animal friends escorted us for almost a mile.

At a bridge we rested and waited for Jon, Laura, and Monica.

We missed the unmarked turnoff to the canyon. We were talking instead of paying attention to the trail.

It is a long hike up the canyon on an unimproved trail. The sun was out in full force and the hiking slowed to a crawl.

As slow as our group was, the other group was not much faster.

We were going to climb Cube Point. If it was not for good weather, none of us would have made the summit. We were slow on the approach and luck was with us, so we made the summit.

The hike down was hot. I mean really hot.

We were happy to be back at camp. We were not really hungry, just thirsty. We hung out with Jon and Laura, we do not know where Ray and Monica went.

At Jenny Lake Campground, the regulations only allow one vehicle per site. Ray kept trying to park two vehicles on their site. He received a written warning and is banned from parking in the campground at all!

Wish you were here.


We were going to hike Paintbrush Canyon; but it just was not right. We set a late time to meet at the trailhead. Ray was an hour late. He claims he was buffaloed. (We have defined buffaloed as being late because buffaloes are crossing the road.) As it was an 17 or 18 mile hike, we changed our plans.

Amy and I hiked the String Lake Trail. It was easy and fun.

As a side trip, we took the portage between String and Leigh Lakes. We highly recommend the short detour whether you have a canoe or not.

The guidebook author hardly ever speaks of the difficulties of the trail. It is hard to judge if the trail is climbing sharply or flat as Florida.

We saw passed a hiker with a cane, laboring up a hill. We hoped he made it to the top of the climb; but for him the grade seemed very difficult

String Lake is warmer than the neighboring lakes because it is so shallow. All of the lakes are clear. Amy pointed out that despite millions of visitors to the Park, the water still seems pristine.

We haven't had rain since the first day we arrived in the Tetons.

We love camping at Jenny Lake.

Wish you were here.