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Scree - June 11-17, 2010

scree field


Amy and I had to install a couple of window air conditioning units today. We thought it was going to be a ten minute job... Forty-five minutes to an hour later (we disagreed on the actual time) we finished with the first unit! The instructions were horrific. When we finally threw the instructions away, things were much easier. The second unit took about ten minutes to install.

We had dinner with Diane. She made curry and naan. Good eating and entertaining conversation.


We visited our friends at Cumberland Transit, yesterday. Allen met us and gave us a couple of 14er t-shirts for giving a talk back in May. Thanks, CT.

We are back from Black Mountain trying to get a few things completed before we head to the Smokies for the weekend. We are planning two big hikes with over three thousand feet gains on each.


Black Mountain was hot, muggy, buggy, and overgrown. Since the area became a State Natural Area it seems to be more overgrown. It was still a great place to visit.


Running is really hot. The weatherman said we were having weather that you wear.


Rode the Stones River Greenway for the first time. Despite the heat the path was being used by many.

Last week when we were at Fall Creek Falls State Park, my friend Jon and I ran a few miles and covered a few of the popular trails. I would guess that 90% of the people we saw on the trail were smoking. It was very odd. While riding on the greenway, we did not see anyone smoking. Not one! We even saw more people on the greenway than on the trails of Fall Creek.

Everyone on the greenway wore ear buds. There is a sign posted that says in order to pass someone, first alert them with an "on the left." The problem was they could not hear because of the ear buds!

Maybe the ear buds are a cigarette substitute.

The Heartland area of the greenway has an adjacent residential community, they were hit hard by the floods.


Two weeks until we leave for Colorado and Wyoming. We have a full agenda trying to get ready.