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092 Yikes, Yikes, Yikes!!! 2009-06-05

Torquoise Lake

Tomorrow is the day we are leaving for Colorado. Yikes!

Things are looking good for leaving on time, but the to do list is long with a few not so fun chores. Cleaning the house did not even make the list, but we know it will need to be done. The sad thing is, there are probably other things that also did not make the list that will steal hours or minutes from us as the day passes. It will not hurt if we are late leaving, but we are trying to get it all done. Yikes!

So thanks to everyone that helped us get ready to go. We appreciate it greatly. We hope to blog and update cloudhiking on Tuesday, June 9. We are sure there will be plenty to tell about the journey and our first hikes back in the mountains. Yikes!

The story of repeating threes (yikes yikes yikes, etc.) My wife used to have a habit in which she would repeat a word three times to demonstrate it’s truthfulness. Full, full, full would mean she was full to the brim. Full, full would mean she had some room left. And just a single full would mean that she probably didn’t like what was being served so she was just being polite.

On a Colorado trip, my friend Jon and I would listen for the repeating words to judge the seriousness of the situation. Was she tired, tired or just a single tired. Jon and I would wait anxiously anticipating and encouraging the sequence.

Carrying on the tradition of graded superlatives, Yikes, Yikes, Yikes!!! we are leaving in less than twenty four hours.

So to all, wish us luck, we will be thinking about you, and if you are out in Colorado, join us for a hike.

Happy trails.


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