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262 Weather Shock 2010-08-02

cool Colorado weather

We go to the Mountains every summer partly just to avoid the Tennessee weather. It can be very hot and humid in our home state.

This year we had the best stretch of weather in the Tetons that I can remember. For a full seven days it did not rain. Well, one night it did rain a little overnight, but that was all. The temperatures were generally in the 70's with no humidity. In the evenings we even had to wear an insulating jacket. It was paradise.

The only problem was that we had to leave.

As we returned home, Kansas was hot. We normally stop in a rest area in Western Kansas and sleep in our Honda Element. This time we stopped, converted the vehicle for sleeping, and then lay trying to sleep in the hot damp air. It was miserable.

The temperature did not get much hotter than Kansas, but the humidity did get even worse. By the time we reached Tennessee, fish instead of prairie dogs were crossing the road. It was miserable.

At home we unpacked the car, as sweat poured freely. It was eight o'clock in the evening. The skies were threatening rain and we were begging for relief; but it did not happen. It was miserable.

We are outdoor not indoor people, so we know that in a few days we will become acclimated to the heat; but that does not mean we will like it! It is still miserable. Welcome back to Tennessee, the patron state of perspiration.

Happy sweaty trails.


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