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246 Time to Go 2010-06-25

packing for Colorado/Wyoming

It's finally packing day. We are trying to finalize a few loose ends and get ready to go. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Colorado.

Packing is always a big dilemma. We don't want to haul things we don't need, but we want to pack the things that we will need.

For example, our clothing layering system is always difficult to pack. Which tops and jackets cover the largest range of conditions? Since we are going to be in the mountains for five weeks, we will see all types of weather. It will be hot and dry, cold and wet, windy with snow and/or hail. One jacket will not keep us comfortable; but how comfortable do we want to be? We will err on the side of being warm. So we might bring an extra jacket, but which one? Should we pack down or synthetic? jacket or pullover? with or without a goretex shell? extremely light or durable? Gone are the days of the canvas duvet and oiled wool sweater!

Despite all the decisions associated with packing, it is still one of the most exciting times of the trip. It is the true physical starting point. We will finish packing today, go to bed early and hopefully get a good nights rest. Tomorrow, Saturday, we will spend the night in Kansas, and then finish our travels Sunday morning. The trip has begun.

Note: We plan to keep up with the journal entries all summer. There will be issues with internet connections and electricity. We hope to write entries each day we spend the night near the car. Then, when we find an internet connection, we will upload the pages.

We will use both metrotomountain and cloudhiking to help tell the stories. On the trip out west we will finalize our trip plans; but right now on the agenda are Quandry - West Ridge, Torreys - Kelso Ridge, Bierstadt - Southeast Ridge, Evans - Sawtooth, then twelve days in Rocky Mountain National Park, and on to the Tetons.

If you are out that way, look us up or follow us online. We are planning on some fun rock climbs and a lot of scrambling. I am just glad it is finally, time to go.

Happy Rocky Mountain trails.


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