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835 Tetons
Updating the Calendar

from the north shore of Leigh Lake

Looking South from the North Shore of Leigh Lake

We are still in the Tetons and staying at Jenny Lake Campground. During our stay we have experienced some of the best weather ever. After a few storms last week we have had almost perfect weather for about five days straight - if anything, it has been too hot and now it has even cooled down!

With the great weather, we have been able to hike everyday and make some amazing trips. Most of the hikes have been new to us, at least in part. We feel like our friend Jon did on his first visit to the Tetons. After each day's adventure he exclaimed that that day was the best day of his life and the next day was even better than the one before. Well, each day we have been amazed in a similar way, wow. Of course, we still have some nagging injuries that are slowing us, so we are trying to get stronger while grabbing all the fun that we can.

Because of the great weather, we have had fewer library/work days than we were planning, so we are a bit behind in writing. To catch up a bit we are going to update the calendar of trips.

After Stewart's Draw (post number 834) ...

Leigh, Bearpaw, Trapper Lakes

As clouds hung in the valley, we hiked the lakes north of Jenny Lake. The trail goes from one lake to the next with great views at each lake. It was an easy trail for day hiking. Some of the backcountry sites that we passed were amazing. Also of note were the beaver dam near Trapper Lake and the patrol cabin (Jewel Of the Tetons) on Leigh Lake. It was a great easy hike.

Lake of the Crags in Hanging Canyon

Lake of the Crags in Hanging Canyon

Hanging Canyon

We spent last, Monday (15th), in Hanging Canyon. It was warm, but other than that a great day. We have been to Hanging Canyon several times before, but we had only used it as climber's access to Cube Point, a small pinacle on the south side of the canyon. On this trip we explored the canyon. It was a magical trip and we were alone in the upper canyon until we started back out. The trail is difficult and exposed to the head, but it is highly recommended. Visit the Lake of the Crags, but be careful of the snow in early season.

view of Avalanche Canyon from Taggart Lake

Avalanche Canyon from Taggart Lake

Taggart and Bradley Lakes

After re-hurting my knee in Hanging Canyon (crossing a downed tree), we spent the morning hiking Taggart and Bradley Lakes. The lakes are very popular but we arrived before most other hikers. After hiking to the lakes, we were pleased to return to the trailhead via the Beaver Creek Trail. The trail did not seem to be used very often. It was a pleasant hike. The trail to Bradley Lake and then from Bradley Lake to Taggart Lake were both rated as easy, but they were probably moderate in grade. The Taggart Lake Trail is easy.

Phelps Lake from the LSR Preserve

South Phelps Lake view of Death Canyon

Phelps Lake, the Preserve

As we were resting for a big hike, we spent Wednesday morning at the Rockefeller Preserve at Phillips Lake. The land used to be a private ranch - but after the Preserve was founded, the roads and structures were removed and the land was reverted to it's natural state. The area was amazing. The trails were in great condition. We only hiked the short trail to Phelps Lake and back. The parking is limited and fills up. When the parking fills, then they stop allowing vehicles into the area. The Visitor's Center is a must visit.

Teton Loop

On Thursday we hiked the Teton Loop from Death Canyon over to the Alaska Basin and back down Cascade Canyon to Jenny Lake. On Friday we completed the loop from Jenny Lake back to Death Canyon.

The Teton Loop was one of the best hikes we have ever done. More on the adventure soon.

Future Plans

For the next few days we will be in Garnet Canyon climbing. We will not write again until Thursday or Friday of next week, probably from Colorado.

Wish you were here.

Happy lots of Teton trails


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