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833 Tetons - Jenny Lake Trail and More 2013-07-16

viewpoint from the horse trail of Jenny Lake

View from the Inspiration Like Viewpoint from the Horse Trail

On our first day in the Tetons we walked the Jenny Lake Trail. The Park has started work on a trail improvement project on the beloved trail. Not far from the boat dock, we were detoured for a short distance. Members of the trail crew were moving rocks with a small mover with tank like side tracks. The workers seemed to enjoy using the mover. I am sure it was less work than trying to lift the heavy rocks by hand.

trail crew moving rocks

Trail Crew

After rejoining the trail we exited at the next juction and took the Moose Ponds Trail. One leg of the trail was new to me, but it had been ten years since I had walked it! Previously, the trail used the dusty road to Lupine Meadows, but now it followed a path off the road a bit. The new section of trail greatly improved the route. We circled the Moose Ponds, but there were no moose to be seen.

moose ponds, but no moose

Moose Ponds

Returning to the Lake Trail we were on it for just a short while before being redirected to the horse trail for another detour. For years I had seen signs to the horse trail but had never walked it. The hiking trail, was very scenic and relatively easy, I just left the horse trail to the horses and I stuck to the hiking trail. The horse trail was in very good condition and the scenery along the trail was better than expected.

When we joined the regular Cascade Canyon Trai (leading from the Boat Dock) near Hidden Falls, suddenly we were in a Disney World like atmosphere as there were tourist everywhere. Few of the tourist were hikers, but all were trying to get to Inspiration Point. It is a good viewpoint.

By afternoon and the trails were hot and crowded. We had moved our camp that morning and had to make a late start for the hike. We were paying for our late start with sweat.

From Inspiration Point we took the other horse trail heading north to re-join the Lake Trail. Entering the old burned area, north of Cascade Canyon, the Jenny Lake Trail was fully exposed to the afternoon sun. It was very hot.

tetons from the east side of the lake

Tetons from the East Side of the Lake

On the east side of the lake we were treated to great views and not as many folks walking the trails. We made good time and soon returned to the parking area. It was good to be back in the Tetons.

A few trail notes ...

The horse trail is more difficult (moderate instead of easy) than the detoured around due to construction, Lake Trail.

There was a great sign at the String Lake Trailhead with information about the detour, but we never saw an identical sign at the Jenny Lake Trailhead.

The horse trail climbed higher above the Lake than the hiking trail, but it also offered good views. One viewpoint was similar to Inspiration Point.

The horse trail joins the Cascade Canyon Trail just below Hidden Falls.

An osprey nest is still along the northwest section of the trail. The nest was occupied.

The northeast section of the trail sees less hiker traffic, but has more horse traffic. The trail was very dusty.

We met some folks from Holland on the trail. They were very nice folks.

Coming from Colorado, it is really hot in Wyoming.

Happy Teton Trails


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