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897 Grand Teton Loop
Adventure Guide

Grand Teton, Middle Teton and the upper reaches of the South Fork of Cascade Canyon.

Last week, we finally finished the Grand Teton Loop map. It was a large map covering a lot of terrain. While still fresh on the heels of completing the map we began working on the guide. It is the longest guide we've made. The Loop was so spectacular, it was hard to say no to just one more photo or description.

The Grand Teton Loop Adventure Guide includes trail data, directions, a trail description, photographs of the trails, comments from our hike, mileage data, the Grand Teton topo map links, and Grand Teton Loop GPS tracklog links. Wow.

A few Grand Teton Loop Guide notes ...

Page 1 of the Guide includes 63 photos and Page 2 has seven more for a total of 70 photos. With that many photos it would seem that every possible angle would be covered, but we still had to pick and choose.

The photographs alone are worth a visit to the site's page.

Oh, there are a lot of beautiful pictures of sign posts. Ha! Well, we tried, but they had to be included to match the description.

When following the guide, it helps to have the map downloaded so that you can get a better idea of the photos' location. Links to the map are located on Page 2 and it is a large download. A simple PDF reader (such as Preview on a Mac) displays the map best.

Mileage Data is at the bottom of the map, but it is also included on Page 2 of the Guide. In the trail description other intermediary distances are used as references.

Included in the links is the Geo-PDF. The GEO-PDF may be downloaded onto a smartphone and used in a GEO-PDF reader app such as Avenza's PDF Maps. The map is geo-referenced in the reader and follows the phone's movements. Using a map app does use batteries, but it is not bad if you limit your use.

The Loop Trail should be on any hikers bucket list. It is truly that good.

Happy Grand Teton Loop Guide trails

Looking west at the Static Peak Divide

Static Peak Divide

Grand Teton Loop Guide


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