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Lake Como

Three summers ago when we climbed the Colorado Fourteeners, we brought back many stories of our adventures. One special story was about a friend's help.

We had climbed 34 of the 54 14ers and were in very good shape physically; but were mentally tired. Our good friends Nick, Jon, and Laura were leaving and Robin was coming to replace them. At a coffee house in Salida there were sad farewells and plans for the future. Robin informed us that she was in Colorado to help us fulfill our dream of climbing the Fourteeners in one summer. She was willing to do what ever possible to help us achieve our goal. We were very pleased.

After spending a few hours in Salida eating and re-supplying we headed south to the Lake Como Trailhead. We finally started walking up the road around four. We thought it was going to be a short approach hike - it was only five miles to the lake and we were going to walking on a four wheel drive road. How bad could that be?

Our late start was purposeful. We hoped the later hour would be cooler; but it was still hotter than blazes. At the trailhead as we readied our packs, Robin, who was already carrying more weight than us, offered to carry some of our gear. We just smiled. She had just flown into Colorado from Nashville and had gone from 400 feet elevation to 8,000 feet in a day. Still, she offered to help us.


on the Como Road


We started up the dusty, cobblestone road and soon were begging for shade. The heat was relentless. Poor Robin, was having to acclimate to the altitude, her heavy pack, the heat, and the dust.

As usual, we had started from the trailhead at a slow pace, but the conditions were so bad that the slow pace slowed even more. Robin was hurting. The heat and the road were taking a toll on her; but at each break she would say: "can I carry anything for you?"

Our pace and rests had slowed us to a crawl. I was concerned that we would not make the lake by nightfall. We finally crested the high point on the road and began the descent to the beautiful lake at 11,760 feet. We chose the first available camping spot and crashed.

Once again Robin offered to help us with all of our camp chores.

In the tent that night I told Amy that Robin probably would not be able to move the next day. We needed to be prepared for options.

The next day arrived and Robin was up and going, ready to help. We headed toward Blanca Peak at 14,345 feet. She climbed it, without any trouble.

After the climb, she helped us by taking our dog, Jake, back to camp. We then, were able to climb Elingwood Point later that morning.

We had a grand time at Lake Como and then climbed Mount Lindsey, a couple of days later, with Robin.

All of our friends sacrificed for us that summer; but etched in my mind on Lake Como Road was Robin looking like she was going to pass out as she sincerely asked if she could carry anything for us. : )

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