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685 Some of the Wildlife
We Met, 2012

Pine Marten in the Tetons

Pine Marten near String Lake

One of the most popular activities in the National Parks is wildlife viewing. While we rarely sit and watch wildlife, we often encounter various animals in our camps and on our daily hikes. Each meeting is special to us and we try to photograph the moment, but often times we do not have our cameras, or just plain forget to take pictures.

This summer, we did better than normal. We actually managed to take pictures of the elusive pine marten, a couple of bears, moose, and many more. So here is the summer through the wildlife we saw ...

the noisy chickory squirrel

noisy Chickory Squirrel near String Lake

Chipmunk on Angels Landing

Chipmunk on Angels Landing

pika in the high mountains

Pika, high in the mountains

Gold mantled ground squirrel

Gold Mantled Ground Squirrel at Olive Ridge Campground - cute little beggars - please do not feed them

Wyoming Ground Squirrels

At Estes Park Campground - the Wyoming Ground Squirrel looks like a large prairie dog

Unita Ground squirrel

At Dornans in Moose, Wy, the Unita Ground Squirrel looks like the Wyoming Ground Squirrel

Small Rabbit found in Utah

Bunny photographed at Capitol Reef

Snowshoe hare on Mount Meeker

Snowshoe Hare on Mount Meeker, too bad the picture does not show his huge feet

Marmot of Mount Chiquita

Marmots on Mount Chiquita

Mule Deer in rocky Mountain National Park

Mule Deer near East Portal (RMNP)

Big horn sheep

Big Horn Sheep near the Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park (trail to Ida)

A herd of elk resting in a high mountain meadow

Herd of Elk in a High Meadow behind Peak 12,150

Black bear in the Tetons

Black Bear leaving Jenny Lake Campground

Moose above Ouzel Lake in RMNP

Moose Grazing in Rocky Mountain National Park above Ouzel Lake

Uniterested grizzly

Uninterested Grizzly near the Amphitheater/Garnet Canyon Trail in the Tetons

Hiking in Bills' Canyon - Moab

Hiker-Erectus, yes, Be Careful, It Looks Dangerous! Ha!


Happy, wildlife trails


A Few Birds 2012


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