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758 Smoky's Gallery 2013-01-16

Boulevard Trail in the mist

Last weekend, I was invited to join a group of hikers for a two night trip through the Smokies. The weather was wet and warmer than usual. Looking at the forecast, a friend and I wondered if everyone was still willing to go hike in the rain. After meeting the hikers, we understood why they still wanted to hike in the rain. Everyone seemed to enjoy being on a multi-day trip and the rain was merely an inconvenience, but nothing more. There was no complaining, just walking.

Join us for a pictorial of the hike ...

On the trail near Arch Rock

Along the lower trail

The bridge at Arch Rock

The base of Arch Rock

Alum Cave

Alum Cave

A brief rest on the trail

A brief rest on the upper part of the trail

leConte Lodge

The Lodge

LeConte Shelter

Cooking under the porch of the shelter

Inside the LeConte Shelter

Inside the Shelter


Saturday morning on High Top

In the clouds on Cliff Top

Summit of Le Conte

At the summit of LeConte - the summit cairn had been tumbled : - (

A rainy stop on Myrtle Point

A brief stop in the rain on Myrtle Point

Looking back at the rocky ledge on the Boulevard

The Boulevard Trail crossing an exposed rock slope

Crossing a downed tree

There were a few large trees across the path

Kephart summit

The view of LeConte from the summit of Kephart

View from the Jump off

Jump Off into the clouds

Icewater Shelter

Icewater Shelter

Newfound Gap

Newfound Gap

our group of hikers

At the end of the hike - Newfound Gap

It was a great trip even though wet. Wish you were there!

Happy Smoky Gallery trails

Link to trip report of the hike


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