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926 Guide to
Sandbeach Lake

Mount Meeker from the Sandbeach Lake shores

After finishing the map to the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park, we began working on the Finch Lake and Pear Lake Guide. Oh, but those two lakes are definitely not the only places to hike in Wild Basin, but they are a couple of our favorites. Then on Monday we completed the second cloudhiking guide to the Wild Basin area, Sandbeach Lake.

The Sandbeach Lake Trail climbs to the top of the Copeland Moraine. There are several good views of Wild Basin as you climb. The trail then traverses to Campers Creek and follows it past two backcountry campsites. Leaving Campers Creek the trail contours to Hunters Creek and two more campsites. The trail then climbs steadily to Sandbeach Lake the site of four more campsites and a group site. The lake sits on a shelf below Mount Orton with towering Mount Meeker nearby. Sandbeach Lake is 4.3 miles from the trailhead with a total elevation gain of about 2000 feet.

Hunters Creek footbridge

Hunters Creek

A few Sandbeach Lake notes ...

If you can find the Park entrance to Wild Basin, (well signed on Highway 7) then you can find the trailhead. They are essentially the same place. At the toll booth, the parking area is to the right.

The parking area is also home to the only potable water in Wild Basin!

There are also privies in the parking area.

The Wild Basin area received damage from the 2013 Flood. We are hoping most of the trails will be re-opened by the summer ('14). We will be visiting the area and hopefully we will complete the guides to Thunder Lake and to Ouzel and Bluebird Lakes at that time.

The Guide to Sandbeach Lake includes route data, directions, trail guide, photographs, hiking notes, mileage data, and link to the map including a geo - pdf version.

The trail is a more moderate mountain trail. There are a few steep sections, but none that are sustained for long distances.

Start early and avoid the heat. Mornings are made for hiking!

Happy Sandbeach Lake trails


Link to Sandbeach Lake Trail Guide


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