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112 Recognition 2009-08-17

PMs in Nashville

Friday night Amy and I went to PMs for dinner in the Belmont area of Nashville. Sitting outside we were talking to our waiter in the almost empty patio area. In the conversation we told him we had been gone for a couple of months and eventually revealed that we had been in Colorado climbing. He had lived in Colorado and knew about climbing the 14ers (the fifty-four, fourteen thousand foot mountains.) Of course he was a waiter and would probably tell his customers that he was a sword swallower, a deep sea diver, and a race car driver, just to connect with them.

As he left to get water we were approached by someone who had overheard the conversation. She had just gotten back from Colorado where she had climbed Mount Massive. After a nice conversation, we gave her the www.cloudhiking.com site information.

Our friends arrived, even Shanna, and we had a great dinner talking about water and sewer systems and the Old Crow show.

Later that evening I noticed we had an email from the woman we had met at PMs. She had read cloudhiking and was excited about the mountains. We know exactly the feeling. Oh, we checked out her links to her blogs and she has done quite a bit outdoors, including Mount Rainer, marathons, triathlons, etc. Wow.

We are not necessarily looking for recognition, but it was interesting that in Nashville, at PMs, on the patio, at 6 o’clock - someone actually knew about the 14ers and basically applauded us for our efforts. Thanks, Carroll, you made our day!

Happy trails.


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