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014 Planning, the Adventure Begins 2008-12-03

slopes of Mt Antereo

Some folks I know do not like to plan anything. They just want to do it. At the last minute they throw together a few things and off they go on a two week mini expedition.

I am sorry but I can not live that way. Though others might not understand, I enjoy planning, changing my mind, packing, changing my mind, weighing my pack, changing my mind, reading the maps, changing my mind, talking to my partner, and changing my mind again. If the plans change hundreds of times, that is okay with me, as I narrow down the possibilities, I might just find a workable solution.

In the meantime, the two week trip has evolved into four or five months of preparations. During that time I make lists and check them twice. Study paper and electronic maps over and over again. Search the internet for information on the area or equipment. Read guidebooks to the areas. Plan a menu and cook samples of the meals for a taste test. Decide on what gear to bring. Make adjustments to the gear and also try out any new equipment. Design a training regimen. All the planning makes the trip more successful, but the planning is part of the adventure. With good active planning a two week outing becomes a four month adventure that begins with a dream and ends when the last piece of equipment is washed and put away.

Then soon you’ll dream again and the next adventure begins...

Happy trails.


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