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259 Nothing to Do 2010-07-26

beautiful Jenny Lake

While leaving the new Grand Teton Visitors Center in Moose, Wyoming - a couple was walking close behind us. The woman was talking loudly enough for us to plainly hear.

She was commenting that there was nothing to do in Grand Teton National Park. Adding that she wondered what the Smith's (I do not remember the actual name she used) did while they visited, they were here for three whole days.

The man with her, hushed her.

We returned to our vehicle but we both had to turn around and get a glimpse of this poor distraught woman before we drove away. We needed to put a face with the comments.

How could anybody be so forlorn in such a beautiful place?

For a few suggestions she could go camping, hiking, backpacking, bird watching, bicycling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater kayaking, rafting trips, horse trail riding, rock climbing, mountaineering attend ranger led programs, and participate in programs at the Visitors Center. There are numerous National Forest lands which offer more motor sports such as ATVs or 4WDs. Adjacent to the Tetons is her sister Park, Yellowstone. Still not enough, Jackson Hole and Teton Village are full of more souvenir shops and restaurants than most large towns can manage to support.

But for whatever reason, the Tetons did not have what the Visitor Center woman wanted. It is funny how we only see what we want to see.

Of course if I visited New York City or Los Angeles, I would probably say the same thing. Whining, I would cry, "why are we here, there is nothing to do."


Happy 'nothing to do' trails.


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