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438 Moving Camp 2011-07-14

campsite number 19

For a week we stayed at Longs Peak Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it was time for us to move on to our next campground. On our last night at Longs, weather moved in and the bottom fell out. We did not get much sleep as the tent swayed with the winds. We awoke to a wet campsite. Everything was wet. We decided to go to the laundromat and then move to our new camp.


Longs Peak from our new site

Longs Peak from our new campsite

I had stayed for a few nights at Glacier Basin Campground last week. The site we reserved did not look like the actual site. There were a few advantages to the site, mainly the new restrooms and trees for shade; but I didn't think Amy, my wife, would like it. The sites in the area were just a few feet apart. It would be impossible to have any privacy.

When we arrived at the campground, the ranger said we could change sites if we found one that we liked better. We chose a site that was in the sun but was big and away from all our neighbors. Soon we were setting up our tent and drying all of our other gear. The gear was almost dry as soon as we placed it in the sun.

With our gear now dry, we went for a hike to Sprague Lake. It was not going to be a very long hike but we did take a camera. The hike was casual but at the lake there was a moose feeding in the lake. Quickly, we walked around the lake and grabbed a few photos. We had never seen a moose on the east side of the Park. It made our day.


moose at Sprague Lake

Moose at Sprague Lake

Later in the day sitting at the campsite a Ranger came by promoting his program on the Pine Beetle epidemic. When he stopped to talk to us, I told him that I thought the Pine Beetle epidemic was really started by the sun screen manufacturers. With all the trees killed there was more direct sunshine and more need for sun screen. It is a conspiracy theory! We all laughed.

We finally went to bed early, hoping for a good night's rest. It was a good day. All is well in Colorado, wish you were here.

Happy Glacier Basin trails


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