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450 Longs Peak Prep 2011-08-01

Longs Peak from Glacier Basin

Wow, it is August! We are heading home tomorrow but I still haven't climbed Longs Peak. Longs was not a priority this year, we had other hikes we were trying to complete but if I had time... So, now it is time. I have about an eight hour window for the Keyhole route.

Today we finished a hike to Spectacle Lakes at the bottom of Mount Ypsilon at about 1:00. On the way down, Amy tweaked her hurt foot and said she would not do Longs with me. I don't mind hiking it alone, it is a faster hike but is more fun with others - especially my wife.

At 3:00 I packed my pack. It included: first aid kit, emergency kit (with the ten essentials), water filter, toilet kit (they have privies along the way), insulation jacket, shirt, spare socks, hat and gloves, brim hat, sunglasses, trekking poles, and water. With the pack ready, I looked to take care of a few chores before morning.

At 4:00 a.m., I will get up and Amy will drive me to the trailhead. I will have coffee and breakfast waiting on me on the dash. On the drive I will eat, take vitamins, and drink water until I slosh.

By headlamp, I will begin the hike at about 5:00 (I hate walking in the dark). I will start slow and slow down if I need to!

I do not plan on stopping until I reach the Keyhole (other than to step behind a couple of trees or boulders for a minute or so.) From the Keyhole the climb is more technical and will require a bit more concentration. Still I will not stop again until the summit, weather permitting.

Then, I will reverse my course and return to the Keyhole and Boulderfield. I will probably have to make a bit of water and then take off for the parking lot. If I feel good I should be back between 12 and 2. If I don't feel as good, I will be a bit slower.

Amy will pick me up at the trailhead and we will begin our journey home.

Oh, I still have other mountains to write about including: the Kelso Ridge of Torreys Peak, Barr Trail of Pikes Peak, and Spectacle and Ypsilon Lakes. Thanks for reading. Wish you could have joined us for part of the trip!

Happy Longs trails


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