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105   2009-07-15

Marmot begging from the to of Mount Lindsey

Some of the peaks we climb surprise us. Mount Lindsey was one of those. After a terrible drive from Alamosa to Gardner, we then started into the mountains. Lush aspen groves lined each side of the road. The private ranches were some of the prettiest lands we have ever seen.

Somehow, Robin drove a small economy Kia to the trailhead, over the rough road. After a hard day which included climbing Little Bear, backpacking out to the car, driving to Alamosa to update the sites, driving to Gardner, and finally to the trailhead; we got to sleep after 10.

We woke ready to climb. Jake did not go with us. The trail was great. We never saw the mountain though until we had almost climbed it, but the scenery rivaled one of our favorites, Handies.

Along the way we met two climbers from Denver and two from Vail. We enjoyed sharing trails, climbs, and adventures with these climbers.

From the guidebooks and posts we were expecting a terrible scree chute, but instead found nice rock to the side and a nice climb out of the gully to the summit ridge. We would highly recommend the climb to anyone who likes third class scrambling and a furry marmot to greet you on top.

Lindsey deserved more than one check for just completing the climb.

Happy trails.


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