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445 Lily Lake Trail 2011-07-22

Lily Lake from the Ridge

Having to make yet another trip to Boulder for vehicle repairs, we had a few hours in the morning before our appointment. Amy and I stopped by Lily Lake for a short hike.

From the trailhead we walked the Lake Trail first. The almost flat, wheelchair accessible trail, makes a great nine tenths of a mile loop around the lake. There was much to see in the lake (we saw ducks and a muskrat) and the views to the mountains that were close (Lily Mountain) and afar (Twin Sisters and Longs Peak).

After our first lap, we started around again but on the second go round we ventured from the lake shore and took the alternative route up Lily Ridge and then walked along the picnic loop.


bench along the trail


The Lily Ridge section of the trail climbed steadily up the flanks of Lily Mountain. As the trail weaved through rocks and boulders, stairs led the way to easier ground. The trail had several overlooks worthy of a stop. The Ridge Trail eventually reunites with the Lake Trail at the west side of Lily Lake.

We continued around the lake and then turned right at the next junction (the trail was not signed). The trail looped around to the south and passed a couple of picnic areas before it re-joined the trail near the trailhead.

The trail was better than we expected. It was short but fun.

A few Lily Lake Trail notes ...

The Trailhead had privies and kiosks.

The Lake Trail is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

The Lake Ridge Trail was a climb, but not a particularly hard one.

It seemed like a great place for hike with children.

Lily Lake is inside the Park and dogs are not allowed on the trail.

We saw a couple of runners on the trail. It should be an easy run.

Happy Lily Lake trails



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