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549 Lily Lake Trails
Map and Adventure Guide

bench along the Lily Lake Trail

Last week we completed the Estes Cone Map and Adventure Guide in Rocky Mountain National Park. On the map we included the Lily Lake trails - Lily Lake Trail and Lily Ridge Trail; but we did not include these trails in the Adventure Guide. The Lily Lake Trails Adventure Guide is now on cloudhiking.

The Lily Lake is only .75 miles and it is flat. The compacted gravel path just goes around the small lake; but ...

The trail is ADA compliant.

The trail is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

Outstanding views can be had in all directions.

There are benches at selected viewpoints.

Fishing is allowed at the lake.

The trailhead is adjacent to Highway 7, south of Estes Park.

There are no entry fees to the Lily Lake area.

The trailhead is also the access point for the rock climbing area, Jurassic Park which is located on the south slopes of Lily Mountain.

The Lily Ridge Trail climbs a couple of hundred feet to a shoulder on Lily Mountain. The climb is through a rocky area with a few steps. It is rated as moderate.

The views from the Ridge are great of Estes Cone, Longs Peak, Meeker, Twin Sisters, and overlooking the lake.

When combined with short sections of the Lily Lake Trail, the Picnic Trail, and a short section of the Storm Pass Trail - the Lily Ridge Trail is 1.30 miles long.

We walked both trails the same day. (2.05 miles when walking both loops.)

The trails would be adventurous for children.

There are well maintained privies at the trailhead; but no water.

No pets are allowed on the trails, Lily Lake is in Rocky Mountain National Park. The nearby Lily Mountain Trail allows dogs. The Lily Mountain Trail lies in the National Forest. The trailhead is a short distance from Lily Lake on Hwy 7 toward Estes Park. The trailhead is on the left or west side of the road.

We have seen several runners on the trails.

Overlook form the Ridge Trail


When you are in Rocky Mountain National Park, don't forget to stop by Lily Lake and stretch your legs, you won't be disappointed. Just don't forget your camera!

Happy Lily Lake trails


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