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682 Jenny Lake 2012-07-24

Grand Teton, Owen, and Teewinot

After setting up camp at the Jenny Lake Campground, we immediately changed into our hiking clothes and walked the short distance to the Jenny Lake Trailhead.

Walking around Jenny Lake is difficult. There are so many unbelievable views that it is easy to forget to watch your feet. If, then, you are not careful, you will find yourself inspecting the rocks or roots along the trail, up close! We have been here many times, but still the views seem new and real.

Trying to keep our eyes on both the views and the path we started around in a clockwise direction. Near the boat dock the trail was congested. One young woman we passed was wearing a dress, scarf, slippers, and carrying a purse. She was about a mile from the trailhead and was not hiking, she was just walking around the lake. Of course others were dressed like us, wearing the latest Patagonia, North Face, and Mountain Hardwear gear. We were not walking, we were hiking! Ha!!! We were glad to share the trail with our finely dressed friends.

Cascade Creek tumbling down Cascade Canyon

At the boat dock on the west side of the lake, two miles by trail, the crowds returned. Most of the folks were headed up to Inspiration Point, a worthy destination. We were not headed to the popular lookout, so once past the dock we were alone again.

Further along the trail near the inlet (where the stream feeds the lake) an osprey nest sat at the top of a dead tree. We saw the nest a couple of years ago, and were looking for it on this trip. Before we left on the hike, our friend, Laura, said that more than likely the osprey would still be using the nest. Now, we were not sure if it was the same osprey or not, but we still enjoyed seeing heads and movement in the nest.

Osprey nest

The trail crosses the inlet stream (for Jenny Lake - which is the same as the outlet stream for String Lake - the next lake to the north) on a sturdy bridge and arrives at the String Lake Trailhead. Follow the directional signs to the Jenny Lake Ranger Station.

Keep in mind ... Jenny Lake is a good sized lake. The village area - Campground, Ranger Station, Visitors Center, boat dock, restrooms, and store are also called Jenny Lake. The same name being used for the lake and the village area can seem confusing.

From the String Lake Trailhead the trail contours around the north side of Jenny Lake and then continues south following the east bank.

At an overlook on the scenic drive - which starts at String Lake, Ranger Jay had the furs of various animals of the Park on display. He had both a black bear and a grizzly pelt. The size difference was scary.

The eastern shore of the lake was very busy. It was a sunny day and many Park visitors were taking the opportunity to enjoy the warm water.

The total distance (from our start in the Campground) was about 7.75 miles and it took us almost exactly 3 hours to walk the trail.

Restrooms, a store, and Park Information are available at the Jenny Lake Trailhead.

Happy Jenny Lake Trails

Wish you were here!


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