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894 Grand Teton Loop

During the summer of '13, one of our favorite hikes was the Grand Teton Loop. This wonderful trail circumnavigates the Tetons. It is truly amazed us.

The Teton Loop is usually done as a three (or more) night backpacking trip, but with a bit of logistics, we were able to plan the trip as two consecutive day hikes. The advantage of doing the trail as a day hike was that we were able to carry light packs and cover many miles. The disadvantage was that we had to be moving all day long, we did not have time to enjoy the scenery. When we hiked the loop, we had been hiking daily for about a month and were acclimated and fit.

When we finished the Loop we knew we wanted to do a map and guide for the hike, but it would be a huge undertaking. Well, phase one, the map of the Grand Teton Loop Trail is complete. We can't wait to hike it again!

A few map notes ...

The map is huge. The 1 to 9000 scale makes the map 72 inches by 56 inches. I wouldn't try to print it!!!

The large map is also a large file size - 10.6 mb. We tried everything to keep the size down, but it is just a big map.

A few features of the map include 40 foot intervals, the mileages between waypoints, and the special quarter of mile tick marks along the trail.

Grand Teton Loop uses at least six Park trails to complete the route: Valley Trail, Death Canyon Trail, Alaska Basin Trail, Teton Crest Trail, Cascade Canyon Trail, and Jenny Lake Trail.

Also include on the map are the mountains in the Loop between Death Canyon and Cascade Canyon - Grand Teton, Middle, South, Owen, Teewinot, Wister, Nez Perce, Buck, Static, etc.

The total mileage of the route is 34.90, but that includes walking around Jenny Lake instead of riding the boat.

The route crosses Static Peak Divide, Buck Mountain Pass, and Hurricane Pass.

Most guidebooks start the Loop at Cascade Canyon, but we chose to start at Death Canyon and climb Static Peak Divide first.

Our map's mileage is for a clockwise route, starting in Death Canyon.

By climbing Static Peak first, Hurricane Pass is even more spectacular. All of a sudden, the mountains are in your face!

Of course either direction would be fun.

The trail is probably rated as difficult, but nothing was overly steep - there were just many miles of climbs.

We will be working on the guide to the Loop soon.

Visit cloudhiking, check out the map, and dream!

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