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097 Global What? 2010-02-04

Mount Bross

Now, before we get started, I believe that we are in a severe global warming. The glaciers are shrinking and the climate of the earth is rising.

The part I can not figure out is why is it so cold in Colorado. I don’t mean it is a little cold, I mean it is really cold.

We have been in Colorado for almost two weeks and I have not even thought about wearing just a tee shirt or shorts. Instead I am wondering if I have enough layers. Should I wear a vest, sweater, and down jacket or sweater, Gore-Tex shell and a parka to fit over everything. We are not worrying about the heat we are worrying about freezing. It is really cold.

I asked around and no one seems to have a good answer, other than they all agree that it is cold. I have been coming to Colorado during the summer for the last twenty years. In the late eighties and early nineties it was colder than what we have experienced the last few years. We used to always worry about freezing not about being hot. Then, something changed and we started heat training to be ready for long hikes in the unforgiving sun.

I don’t want the world to melt away, but it would be nice if the wind would stop blowing and the temperature would rise a few degrees. I really do not want to have to ask Jon to ship me my expedition clothing.

Okay. we will stop complaining about the weather, or at least until Monday.

We have a big weekend ahead of us. Saturday we are climbing Grays and Torreys starting at the 2WD trailhead (adds six miles). Then on Sunday we are doing Holy Cross, one of the harder single peaks. If all goes well, we will have Monday off, because we have already climbed Mount Sherman.

Happy trails.


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