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946 Glacier Gorge 2014-07-30

Looking across rock and snow to the view out of Glacier Basin

One of our favorite areas of Rocky Mountain National Park is Glacier Basin. High above Black Lake is a glacial shelf of exposed rock. The paths cross miles of exposed rock as they wind between the krummholz (stunted, wind blown) trees. Rock walls rise in all directions, and lakes lay hidden, just over there.

It is 2.5 miles to Mills Lake and 4.7 miles to Black Lake. A short section of trail climbs to the glacial shelf and then the trail ends. Climber and fisherman trails, marked by rock cairns, lead in general directions. The marked paths probably are not any better than any other way across the shelf, but perhaps they help concentrate the footprints.

Our hike was 16 (plus) miles. As a warning, for the average hiker, traveling over the glacial shelf is more tiring and time consuming that walking on a trail. The treasures you will find are magnificent, but you will have to earn them with a long day.

A Few Photos

MIlls Lake and Glacier Gorge

Mills Lake

planks crossing the lush green grass of the marsh

Trail crosses marsh on planks

Black Lake with the trail crossing rocks

Black Lake at the outlet

Mount McHenry with lots of rock, snow, and krummholz

Mount McHenry

Spearhead sits at the end of a rock ridge in the center of the gorge


ice flowing on Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Blue Lake sits on an unseen shelf above Black Lake

Blue Lake

Happy Glacier Gorge trails


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