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078 Five Weeks 2009-05-04

preparing for the snow

Today we realized that the countdown has started. Wow! We only have thirty-three days before we leave for Mark’s in Colorado. Then, we start our climbing journey through the Colorado Fourteeners a week later.

I am afraid that for the next five weeks our lives will be a bit chaotic. Why? Amy still works and she has to finish the school year. She has to write a gazillion reports, and dance all the school teacher dances. Rose is coming home from school soon and then going to Pennsylvania to do water samples with an Americorps group (I might have a few of those facts wrong, sorry Rose.) We need to decide what is going to happen on Metro to Mountain while we are in the mountains - or better put how to keep you interested while we are gone! And we need to train, pack, plan, and visit lots of relatives - all before leaving on Saturday, June 6th.

So Laura and Jon need to help us train. Scheduling training with them will keep us from blowing pack carrying off in favor of a less time consuming training schedule. We also still have some planning to do with them for when they arrive in the San Juans in early July. And what about Paul and Nancy??? Hmm.

Ray needs to start getting his things packed for coming out to Colorado in the middle of July. Isn’t that a bit early, you ask. Well, he needs that much time, a motivator, and an organizer. If he can’t get it packed he will never be in Colorado when we need him. He actually always gets it done, but at times I have to shake my head.

Monica needs to organize her new job and talk to her brother Julius and cousin Anthony - there is a chance they might come. Julius and Anthony are good mountain travelers and provide good entertainment value!

Robin is still in the planning stages. Hopefully she will find a way to make it happen.

I haven’t heard from Ed and Nick but hopefully they will venture out that way at least for a brief stay.

Our Pikeville doctor friends might have to close the hospital to at least visit. I am sure Pikeville wouldn’t mind!

And our dear friend Mark, we are on the way. See you on Monday the eighth.

Lots of people will help to make this dream happen. We can’t wait to share the experiences with you.

Happy trails.


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