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673 Finch & Pear Lakes 2012-07-05

Finch Lake Trail

On Sunday, Amy had to go to a conference for a few days. We were up at four for the long drive from near Allenspark to the Denver Airport (which seems as if it is almost located in western Kansas).

I spent the rest of the day resting. We had been going for a few weeks now, and I was just tired. In the afternoon, I packed for my next hike. Last year in the deep snow, I had hiked to Finch and Pear Lakes. It was a fun hike, but because it was in deep snow, the footprints I walked in did not necessarily mean I was following the trail. I needed to walk it again.

Early Monday, I made the short drive to the Wild Basin Trailhead. No other cars were parked at the trailhead. Soon I was walking. The past few days I had been dragging and really felt out of balance, finally I felt strong again and made good time as I sped toward Finch Lake.

Moose on the Finch Lake Trail

While crossing the Ouzell Burn section of the trail, I saw a moose seventy-five feet off the trail. He was unconcerned with my presence as I stopped to take his picture. There were so many trees down in the area from the old fire, I was surprised that he was able to walk through the area. It must have been some good food.

It was a quick walk to Finch Lake. I had the lake to myself, but did not dally. Pear Lake was still two miles away. The path was much easier walking when dry than when it was snow covered like last year. I was soon at the Pear Lake Outlet and exploring the shores of the Lake. The Pear Lake Backcountry Campsite is on a small knob sitting above the Lake. It would make a great backpacking destination.

Pear Lake

After a brief rest, I reversed my route. On the return trip I did see a few other hikers, including a large group of boys from one of the neighboring camps.

I stopped to look for the moose, but he was gone. Of course, the large group of boys had just passed the location where the moose was grazing. I am sure he moved to a quieter location.

My fast, almost three miles per hour overall speed, returned me to the trailhead before noon. I returned to camp and prepared for the next days hike - Bluebird Lake. It's great to be in the mountains, but I miss my partner when she is not with me.

Happy Finch and Pear Lake trails


link to the 2011 Finch & Pear Lake page


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