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446 Cub Lake 2011-07-24

Cub Lake Trail with Ben riding David's shoulders

While camped at Moraine Park Campground, we took advantage of the trails in the vicinity. After a late start one day, we walked down the road a short distance to the Cub Lake Trailhead.

The trail to Cub Lake is mostly easy. It weaves in and out of rock formations and above marshy lands. When someone in the group grew tired they would stop and ask about the identification of a flower or plant. Soon everyone stopped and looked at the specimen and attempted to assign it a name. Ben riding in his child carrier pack (being carried by dad) pointing at things that interested him. We really didn't know the exact objects of his pointing; but it was fun watching his interests anyway.

A short climb with switchbacks tamed the final slope leading to the lake. Cub Lake is a lily filled pond. Sitting on a large boulder at he water's edge we took a short break while ducks dove in and out of the lily pads entertaining us.


Ben at the Trailhead


Instead of doing an out and back we continued on the Cub Lake Trail to join the Fern Lake Trail. The short connector trail had a couple of exposed overlooks and a few waterfalls.

Joining the Fern Lake Trail, it crossed the Big Thompson River and continued along it's northern bank for about a mile and a half. There were many access points to the river and one section weaved between huge boulders, one is called Arch Rock.

After the trail ended at the Fern Lake Trailhead, we walked down a dirt road to return to the campground. The vehicles traveling on the road kicked up dust until we devised a method to slow them. Jon and I would take turns walking in the road, while the other one of us would keep a good eye on the closing vehicles. The cars slowed and we did not eat dust or get run over. It was a successful traffic calming technique.

Returning to the campground we felt the heat of the paved campground roads. We were happy to return to our campsite for cold beverages and a nice shade tree.

A few Cub Lake Trail notes ...

There are no facilities at Cub Lake.

Facilities are available at the Fern Lake Bus Stop (a short distance further down the road).

Water is not available at the Cub Lake Trailhead, the Fern Lake Bus Stop, or the Fern Lake Trailhead.

Be sure to filter or treat water from the lake or streams.

The lake is a great place for a snack.

The trail can be hot during the summer.

Lots of folks were enjoying the trail when we hiked.

The Cub Lake Trail is easy to follow.

It is a good beginner's hike.

Looping with the Fern Lake Trail adds mileage and scenery.

Happy Cub Lake trails


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