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692 Colter Bay
Lakeshore Trail

Mount Moran from the shores of Jackson Lake

This summer while staying at Jenny Lake Campground in the Tetons, we had to do laundry. Well, we didn't have to do laundry, but we felt like we needed some clean clothes for the last days of our trip. We could do laundry either in the town of Jackson or in the Colter Bay area of the Park. With the areas being about the same distance from Jenny Lake, we opted to go to Colter Bay.

Colter Bay Visiotr Center sign

While we sat in the laundry we looked on-line for trails in the area. Starting at the Visitor Center, the Lakeshore Trail was a short, two mile trail that neither of us had ever hiked. It didn't take much to convenience us that we needed to stretch our legs.

When the last clothes were put back in the duffles, we walked toward Jackson Lake. Colter Bay is a large camping and services area on the lake. The area seems to mainly cater to boaters and fishermen, but there were people also swimming in the lake and a few hikers.

For some reason, we did not have a map or trail guidebook with us. Instead of buying one, we stopped in the Visitor Center before starting the hike. From the Visitor Center we walked toward the lake. Soon, we found a small box with trail maps for fifty cents.

Bear warning sing

Equipped with the map we followed the trail north around the marina and into the woods. A recent bear warning was posted on the trail. Great! Bears again, and Amy did not even have her spray!

Lakeshore Trail going through a green opening

The trail was easy with great views. It did not always follow the shoreline, but did have several access points to the lake. There were some folks swimming in the lake.

Looking north from the peninsular

The hike would be a great way to wait on your clothes to wash, if you did not want to access the wifi at the laundry, take showers, or shop for groceries at the store.

A few Lakeshore tips ...

Restrooms, water, and info are available at the Visitor Center.

The Visitor Center also has a great book store and historical displays.

We had a bit of trouble finding a trailhead sign. Finally, we just walked toward the lake and stumbled onto the obvious trail.

The trail was easy to follow. It was also rated as easy, but there were a few minor hills.

The Colter Bay Marina was a hidden cove. It was very protected. The hike basically goes to the far side of the inlet on a peninsula like formation.

We loved the views of the mountains. Mount Moran dominates the sky.

We didn't see any bears.

The Lakeshore Trail is a great leg stretcher while doing your laundry, but it would also be a great hike for anyone who just wanted to walk a couple of miles.

Happy Lakeshore trails


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