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695 Pikes Peak
Barr Trail Map

Barr Trailhead sign

During the summer, as usual, we were not able to do any map work for the cloudhiking site. We did however gather lots of data for future maps and are very excited about the mapping possibilities. We are happy to say, we are back mapping.

Years before I hiked the Barr Trail on Pikes Peak I had read about the trail in Gerry Roach's Colorado Fourteeners. Finally a few years back, I hiked it the for the first time. My first two hikes on the Barr Trail were car-to-car efforts and we only stopped at Barr Camp for a brief rest and curiosity. The caretakers were so kind and hospitable, we always wanted to return and stay the night. So finally last summer ('11) we planned a Barr Trail hike with our friends, Jon and Laura, and stayed two nights at Barr Camp. What a great experience.

In the last year since our hike, Jon has asked from time to time if we had started the Barr Trail map yet. Well, finally, we did. Thanks to Jon's persistence, the map is finished, but still probably need to tweak the mileages and some of the other map data.

It is difficult to be exact with mileage. We used our four GPS tracks and info from the Barr Camp site, The Incline, Cog Railway, Pikes Peak Marathon, Colorado Fourteeners book, and to some extent the mileage signs along the trail. The problem is that none of the sources seemed to agree. Part of that problem was knowing the exact starting and ending points for the mileage. Some of the waypoints on the map could be located 500 or so feet up or down the trail. The exact location of the waypoints was needed for the mileages to be exact.

One rather humorous example of the mileage problems - at the trailhead of the Barr Trail, the mileage to the summit on the first sign is 12.6 miles, but the mileage on the second sign is 13.0 miles! The second sign is close to the first one, but it is not .4 miles further away from the summit! The second sign was old and probably used the original mileage as recorded by Barr, himself. Of course that is only speculation.

Golden Stairs near the summit of Pikes Peak

The Golden Stairs near the Summit of Pikes Peak

A few notes about the Barr Trail map ...

The map was fun to make (other than trying to figure out the mileages). As we build the maps, the features brought back memories of the great trail.

The trail is about 12.5 miles one way. The measurement is from the trailhead sign to the summit sign - before the trail crosses the cog railway tracks.

Some of the waypoints might be changed and others might be removed. There were a couple of stretches along the trail that we added waypoints that were descriptive. Hopefully, when the Adventure Guide to the trail is completed we will be able to help with the locations by providing matching photos.

We included the track of the Cog Railway Track. Many hikers also ride the Cog.

The Pikes Peak Toll Road traveled too far north to be included on the map.

Too bad we could not make the Barr Camp look more inviting on the map. It is truly a great place to visit and even a better place to stay a few nights. Maybe, we can make a festive looking icon for them!

The Barr Trail is the best Colorado Fourteener Class 1 route . Of course it is also the longest and has the most elevation gain. Be sure to put the Barr Trail on your 'bucket list'.

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cloudhiking Barr Trail Map

Barr Camp site

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