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679 Mount Alice 2012-07-18

Hourglass Ridge on Mount Alice

The Hourglass Ridge of Mount Alice from the shoulder

In the Wild Basin Area of Rocky Mountain National Park, there were still two areas we had not visited. We were running out of days, so we decided to try and do both areas on the same day. Our goal was to hike to the Lion Lakes area and then to the Thunder Lake area. In the meantime, we were also going to climb Mount Alice and descend from the Boulder-Grand Pass. It would be a great loop, if we could pull it off. The problem was that it was going to be around 20 miles and 5,000 feet elevation gain. Ouch!

Leaving from the trailhead at 4 (am) we made quick work of the trail. To be honest, we were more concerned about traveling in the dark along a loud, noise cancelling, river - in an active bear area, than we were the hiking. Daylight could not come quick enough.

After leaving the Thunder Lake Trail, the Lion Lake climbed steeply over a rugged path. Because of the length of our planned hike, we did not allot time to stop at any of the lakes. It was a hiking day. Lion Lake, was seen from a distance. Trio Falls was passed on the way to Lion Lake 2. We filtered water from the second lake and then proceeded to the third major lake - Snowbank Lake.

We'll tell the rest of the story with photos ...

stream coming from Lion Lake 2 to Lion Lake

Stream between Lion Lake 2 and Lion Lake (Trio Falls area)

Mount Alice route from Snowbank Lake

Mount Alice from Snowbank (the third) Lake - the route follows the ridge in the center of the photo and then the right side of Alice

the ridge leading to the shoulder

The ridge leading to a shoulder on the Continental Divide

Summit of Alice

Mount Alice summit

Looking down the steep, loose, Boulder - Grand Pass

Looking down the steep and loose, Boulder-Grand Pass

Looking at the boulder-grand pass from Thunder Lake

Looking across Thunder Lake toward the Boulder-Grand Pass

It was a hard hike, but we returned to the trailhead in eleven hours. We made a note that we would definitely like to visit both areas (Lion Lake and Thunder Lake) again.

Happy Mount Alice trails


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