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581 Summer Stories
The Photo Opportunity

trio at overlook

Last summer while staying in Rocky Mountain National Park, our friends, Jon and Laura, joined us for a hiking adventure. Parking at the very busy Glacier Gorge Trailhead we started our hike. It was still early so the trail was not very crowded at that time. We passed the ever so popular Alberta Falls and then pulled off the trail for a brief rest at an overlook.

We drank some water, adjusted our clothing layers, and took a few pictures. While we were stopped, an older gentleman also stopped in the same area to rest. Seeing that we were taking pictures of the area, he kindly asked if we wanted him to take a group picture.

It was windy and I was standing a good distance from the man making it very hard for me to hear him. Politely answering, I said, "sorry, we couldn't hear you."

He repeated himself (we assume he said the same thing - I didn't hear his first offer). Once again he offered to take a group picture.

Our friends, Jon and Laura, are very photogenic. They take such a good picture, I have often wondered if they don't stand in front of the mirror and practice. Amy, also takes a very good picture; but I generally do not like getting my picture made. After hearing our kind acquaintance's offer repeated, I immediately replied, "oh, no, we are fine."

Taken back by my 'no' answer to his kind gesture, he wittingly said, "well, obviously you are not with your actual spouses!"

We thought for a second as to what he said and then we all broke down into laughter.

The story is a very good example of why we like to go to the mountains. It is not just the scenery, the lofty goals, climate, or friends - it is also about the people we meet along the way.

Oh, we did summit on our hike and I did take a picture of Jon and Laura there. What do you think? They have to practice!


summit of Half Mountain


Happy smiling trails


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