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219 14ers Gathering, TN 2010-04-23

Cumberland Transit post slide show

Last night, Amy and I were given the opportunity to present a slide show detailing our summer of 2009, trip to Colorado. Allen and Mark graciously hosted the event at Cumberland Transit in Nashville, TN.

Nashville, TN? Yes, indeed.

This was our first slide show and was a learning experience. If it had not been for our friend, Laura, we would not have even promoted our web sites! We were so involved with refreshing our memories on the summers’ climbs, that a lot of small details passed beneath the radar.

Other suggestions were to create a map of the journey which moved along with the slides. Not everyone is as intimate with Colorado geography as us. It also would have been helpful for us to have been more conscious of the perspective sizes and heights of local landmarks to be used as a comparison with the mountainous features.

We also wished we had brought our dog, Jake, with us. He would have loved the people and to show off his red boots and pack.

For us it was a fun night. It was fun to share things we were passionate about. It was fun to meet others interested in the 14ers. It was fun to be with our friends.

Thanks to all who hosted, helped, supported, and shared. We appreciate you.

Happy 14er trails.


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