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308 REI Camp Stowaway Chair 2010-11-17

Stowaway chairs at camp

In the Summer of 2009, we went to Colorado to travel around the state and climb the 14ers (14,000 foot mountains). We were going to be doing a lot of trailhead camping on the trip and wanted to carry chairs; but space was also a premium. Our Honda Element was fully packed with camping and climbing gear and we did not have a lot of extra space.

While visiting our friend, Mark, in Boulder we stopped by the REI and found the REI Stowaway Chairs. The chairs were comfortable, compact, and light. We tried them on and thought they just might work.

Any gear has compromises. The Stowaway Chair is no exception. Features that would be nice, like a reclining back, would add weight and cost to the chair. We thought that the chair represented a good balance between price and features.

A few Stowaway notes ...

The chair is comfortable. The padded arms are a definite plus.

The chair material is easy to clean.

The chairs are stable.

We used the ground or at most an Action Packer box or cooler for tables while using the chairs. A regular height table is too high.

The chair is perfect to warm up next to a campfire. Can we all sing, "Vibrams roasting on and open fire, Jack Frost...".

There is a slight issue with camping companions sitting in regular height chairs, being higher than you. Just remember, the higher chairs are not better, they too have compromises!

After a hard day of adventure, the low rider chairs are harder to stand up from. I have been known just to crawl back to the tent!

On a sad note, one of our first chairs had a tragic death as it came unstitched. REI gladly exchanged the chair and apologized for any inconvenience.

The chairs have become a camping favorite for us.

Happy Stowaway trails.


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